August 15-16, 2014

Pittsburgh, PA

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Charles Nutter


Charles works on JVM languages at Red Hat. He has worked on JRuby for the past eight years and has been a JVM enthusiast since Java 1.0. Charles hopes to make JRuby the best Ruby implementation for high performance, big data, and heavy loads, and to use lessons learned from JRuby to help the JVM and other languages that run on it meet their potential.

Jessica Kerr

Functional Programming

Jessica Kerr loves software, the code and the community. After ten years of Enterprise Java, she smelled the coffee and woke up to other languages. She works in Scala now, and writes Ruby for fun, in a functional style. She also teaches Git at every opportunity. Her mission is to bring every developer some ideas that are immediately useful and eventually mind-changing. Her methods include tweets (@jessitron), blogs (, and conference talks (like at Steel City Ruby!). To get her fired up, ask about mutable state, parenting, or cultural expectations.

Laurent Sansonetti


Belgian software hacker, husband, dad and cat wrangler. Founder of @HipByte. I work on @RubyMotion. Former Apple employee, @MacRuby author.

Bryan Helmkamp

Tech Business

Bryan (@brynary) is the founder of Code Climate, an automated code review tool for Ruby apps, and the lead organizer of the Gotham Ruby Conference in NYC. For the last seven years, he's been an active in the Ruby community as an acclaimed speaker, author and open source contributor. In 2009, he received a Ruby Hero Award for his efforts.

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